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File:Maliavanki FROM VILEIKA with LOVE 14.09.2013 Minsk 01.jpg


Ref:  Do I have faith?

After a lot of misgivings and flirting with atheism, then being agnostic but never sure – because I couldn’t quite believe there was nothing – I found out what I believe about faith.

Some years ago while listening to the radio I heard a man of God say:  It’s all quite simple – God is love.

Well, what a relief!

I had been brought up Plymouth Brethren, not a fun way to go through life – I left at 16 years old.  I had Roman Catholic friends and that didn’t quite fit.  I’d been saved by the Church of England, so I was officially a Christian for passport purposes.  I dissolved into tears at the sound of a Salvation Army Band because I knew I was a sinner.

And then:

That man who should know said – God is love.

I can believe in that wholeheartedly.


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For the prompt: Sorry, I’m busy.

A Lesson for Life.

I was young, and living alone in Canada.  I met another English girl who was very unhappy, homesick and had no way of getting home.  I chatted to her, felt I was cheering her up, and invited her to have tea with me after work the following day.

When it came to the next day I was busy and my place was a mess.  I had not bought any cake, and wished I had not made the commitment. I decided it was best to make it for another day.  I called the girl and explained.

I next heard of her in the local newspaper.  She had consumed a bottle of bleach, and though not dead was to remain in hospital with long lasting internal injuries.

I never saw or heard of her again, but she has remained on my conscience.  I know that it might have made a difference if I had not been too busy.

My lesson for life:  It doesn’t matter whether your place is a mess, or there isn’t any cake.  It matters that you make time for people.


Ref: blog A Tale of Two cities.

We’re asked:  If you could split your time between two cities, and only two, which would they be?


Maybe it’s because I’m a Londoner, that I love London so.  That’s one city, and the other would be New York, (that’s New York, New York!)

I suppose almost everyone loves the city that they were brought up in.  I am a city person, not one much for views.  I see a pleasant vista and think: ‘that’s nice, let’s move on.’  People – there’s the thing.  People make the world go around, not always very well, but better than scenery.

London and New York have characters whom I understand.  They have quick wit and a tongue to match.  Dorothy Parker, who wrote for the New Yorker once said:  “The first thing I do in the morning is brush my teeth and sharpen my tongue.”

I was once in a very frightening situation, of which I may write another time.  It involved a long dark corridor down which I was being pushed, helped along by a gun in my back.  I stopped dead: not going to go there.  I heard a London accent say:  ‘Use your loaf, duck, and you’ll be alright.’  So I did.  That voice was very comforting:  my virtue would remain intact.

‘Loaf’ is cockney rhyming slang for for ‘head.’  (Work it out.)  My head told me it was a robbery, and insurance would cover it.

The city of London has the tower.  The Tower of London is filled with ghosts:  history is in every stone.  I can feel those people.  John Donne, who married his cousin at the King’s displeasure.  He scratched on the wall:  “John Donne.  Anne Donne.  Undone.”  Wit, at a time like that!

New York has Ellis Island.  More ghosts, so many poor souls went through there.  Ellis island is, for me, steeped in anguish.  The people who got through, had made a hell of a journey and arrived in time for the Depression, and survived.  That is spirit.

There are so many great cities, most of which I don’t know, but I would be happy to split my precious time between London and New York.


LaLa Land by Malabar Cash is an ebook  for Kindle: available on Amazon.  Enjoy!