For the prompt: Sorry, I’m busy.

A Lesson for Life.

I was young, and living alone in Canada.  I met another English girl who was very unhappy, homesick and had no way of getting home.  I chatted to her, felt I was cheering her up, and invited her to have tea with me after work the following day.

When it came to the next day I was busy and my place was a mess.  I had not bought any cake, and wished I had not made the commitment. I decided it was best to make it for another day.  I called the girl and explained.

I next heard of her in the local newspaper.  She had consumed a bottle of bleach, and though not dead was to remain in hospital with long lasting internal injuries.

I never saw or heard of her again, but she has remained on my conscience.  I know that it might have made a difference if I had not been too busy.

My lesson for life:  It doesn’t matter whether your place is a mess, or there isn’t any cake.  It matters that you make time for people.