Write your story 3.

Rickshaw alone
Malabar Cash in Nepal

Hi there.  We’re going to talk about writing a bit about your life.

What’s been interesting?  There’ll be something to turn into a story.  That tale could be the winner of a competition, and once started, competitions are addictive.  Look online.  Sometimes there are just a few entries and more chances of winning a prize.  One that came my way was a year’s supply of orange juice.  12 bottles of it.  I felt as if it were champagne!  I won second prize in another competition – it was a ‘Brown Betty’ teapot.  The first prize was a holiday in the Maldives.  (You can’t win’em all.)

I got ‘abducted’ when I was five years old.  There was a sand pit in the park opposite our house, and my mother could see me from the kitchen window, so I was allowed to play.  Along came a boy on a bike.  ‘Come for a ride,’ he asked?  Of course, I agreed, it was an adventure!  He heaved me onto the cross-bar and we were off.  Out of Silkstream Park, over the main road into unknown territory at Watling Park.  There he dumped me on another sandpit and cleared off.  I played for a while and then got hungry and left the park.  By now there was a manhunt so it wasn’t long before somebody noticed me.

I got my bottom smacked, which was standard procedure in those days, but now I have a tale I can weave into a short story for a magazine like People’s Friend.  Or maybe I’ll head for the Maldives!

Now that I’ve finished ‘Ellis Hudson and the Lethal Liars’ I’ve done one chapter of  ‘Ellis Hudson and the Bare Necessities’ the one about a stripper.  It occurs to me you might like a serial – perhaps a weekly one of something I did earlier.  ‘Catwalk’ perhaps.  That could be nice.         ‘Ellis Hudson and the Lethal Liars’.

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