Write your story 2.

Blog two in the Write Your Story series has me thinking about – doing a blog.  I write about writing because that’s my big interest.  ‘Ellis Hudson and the Lethal Liars,’ by Malabar Cash took over my life for a year.

What’s your passion?  Sailing might float your boat – blog about that and you may have a motley crew climbing aboard, or if it’s ornithology, a flock of folk interested in birds.  It’s highly unlikely that your ‘thing’ is so niches that nobody else is interested.

Writing a blog makes a difference in getting up in the morning, you never know who might be on your site, making a comment, becoming a follower, or even becoming a friend.  You do, though, have to keep a blog going – your followers will fall off if you flag.  Keep going – blogging will keep your mind off Brexit.

Or it’s back to writing your best seller.  What’s it going to be about?  Well, the most common story in the world is Cinderella.  It’s told over and over again, and it’s so successful – the downtrodden wretch; the ugly sisters; Prince Charming, the happy ending.  Think ‘Pretty Woman,’ for instance, for how many people is that their favourite film?  It’s Cinderella! The Chinese and ancient Greeks had a go at writing it.  So can you!

I should tell you how to get  ‘Ellis Hudson and the Lethal Liars’ by Malabar Cash

It’s a kindle book on Amazon uk.  You can ‘look inside’ the cover and read three chapters, before deciding to buy.  No Kindle?  Amazon has a free app.

See you tomorrow?  That would be nice – with a small story to talk about

Fab 4. Aishling, Myra, Maeve,Amy.
The Fab 4. Aishling, Malabar, Maeve, Amy.




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