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Lethal Liars cover
You know what they tell you – everyone has that story that’s personal to them.  There are also stories that are completely fiction and they are the ones that are the most fun to write.  That’s my opinion and of course, I’m right.

They say that fiction writers make up imaginary conversations between people who don’t exist.  It’s absolutely true, and it can be a whole lot of fun.

I write as Malabar Cash.  I write Ellis Hudson novels.  Ellis Hudson is my hero – he’s an ex- Scotland Yard detective.  He now works as a Private Eye in California.   I invented him some years ago when I belonged to a writers’ group.  That’s one way of learning the trade, but you can learn by being encouraged to hone your own skills.

I’ll try to do that if you stick around.

You’re going to have to have a thick skin and at least one friend who will check your work and point out grammatical errors.  That person will also tell you what they think of your story – (that’s where you need the thick skin.)  If you’re very lucky you will find a friend who also wants to write a story – a short story, a novel, or preferably a number one best seller – then you can get your own back.

I’m lucky enough to have an accomplice who writes books.  Crispin Keith writes fast action thrillers set in the not too distant future.  They’re good.  I’ve read them all and I would happily read them again if only I had the time.  You’ll find him on Amazon, ‘Hydra’ is his latest.  He writes about two in a year.  I write one in three years!

So sit down and think of your title.  That’s how I do it – and then a character.  It’s writing by the seat of your pants, but Jeffrey Archer admits to doing that, and he’s made a few million!  By chapter 15 you’re panic-stricken as to how it will end.  Or be sensible and work on a plot!

I wrote LaLa Land by Malabar Cash – No, not the musical, I had the name first.  I’ve just finished Ellis Hudson and the Lethal Liars.  Find them both on Amazon.  I’ve just started Ellis Hudson and the Bare Necessities – it’s about a Stripper.  Believe me, this game is addictive.


2 thoughts on “Write your story

  1. maristravels

    Hi, Malabar Cash. Interesting Post and glad to have you back again. I did read some of your Posts earlier but then you disappeared.
    Anyway, thanks for the tips which I’m sure are just what’s needed, but if I wanted to buy your book where would I go for it? Is it on sale on Amazon? As a Kindle download? Or “at all good bookshops” as they say? You should mention this. You told us where to buy your writing colleague’s book but not yours.


    1. I’ve put part of that right, Mari. At present they are Kindle downloads, but I’m working on getting them in paperback. Keep watching – and let me know. As I said, sometimes it’s painful. No pain. No gain!


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