Un/Faithful blog prompt.

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File:Maliavanki FROM VILEIKA with LOVE 14.09.2013 Minsk 01.jpg


Ref:  Do I have faith?

After a lot of misgivings and flirting with atheism, then being agnostic but never sure – because I couldn’t quite believe there was nothing – I found out what I believe about faith.

Some years ago while listening to the radio I heard a man of God say:  It’s all quite simple – God is love.

Well, what a relief!

I had been brought up Plymouth Brethren, not a fun way to go through life – I left at 16 years old.  I had Roman Catholic friends and that didn’t quite fit.  I’d been saved by the Church of England, so I was officially a Christian for passport purposes.  I dissolved into tears at the sound of a Salvation Army Band because I knew I was a sinner.

And then:

That man who should know said – God is love.

I can believe in that wholeheartedly.


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15 thoughts on “Un/Faithful blog prompt.

  1. maristravels

    Ah! But which God, Myra? As we know from current events, recent events, past events and events way back in history, love was never part of the fight for supremacy by the followers of the different Gods. If they could only agree on the one God, but then that would mean some being willing to give up power, or their hopes of power, a step too far for most of them. From te Romans with their many deities through to the many religions today holding allegiance to only one God, history is peppered with cruelties, killings and crusading zealots, all acting in the name of one supreme being.


  2. There are as many ideas on God as there are people. Should he exist and have the power to help people, then he doesn’t seem to have the least interest in anything. Personally, I find it best to ignore him.


  3. maristravels

    I have to come down on the side of no god. If I thought there was a supreme power up there who controlled things I would be in utter despair at the state of the world. As it is, I can bame man, fallible man, and what we do as human beings doesn’t surprise me. But if I were to believe it was all down to God, then I would feel like giving up on life.


  4. I’ve been thinking about what I wrote, (God is love,) and I’m coming down to this. If God is love, then what man is supposed to do is take the hint, and love one another. The fact that we don’t is down to us. As far as I remember we have our own free will – and off we go and make a mess of it. I think that the Bible, being written by men, with their own differing points of view, gets us utterly confused. I wish there was somebody who could inspire us all to give love a try. .


  5. Too interested in your conversation. This is such an interesting heartfelt blog.
    I am someone who is tolerant of all religions as long as they are not fanatical and want to convert me. I see how important people’s religions are to them. I also see how much it has been used now and in the past to gain power over people. I have my own religion based on strict rules principals that I have made myself. I suppose it is a form of Humanism. But the closest to a God for me would be Love.


    1. Thank you southamptonoldlady for your comment. I was forwarded another blog of yours to read, (Unelected people) and I found it packed with interest, (and a sense of humour.) If we could ask all religions to agree that God is Love, it might make a difference to the world. Something that would unite us rather than divide us. From little acorns…


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      1. I haven’t written a blog entitled Unelected People but did write one called “Brundecided” when I was trying to make up my mind which way to vote. Yes I think that there is more that unites us than divides us.


    2. maristravels

      Agree wholeheartedly! Shall we start our own religious group? Gotta come up with a snazzy name though, then we can get on American TV and make a fortune¬

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