We all know Cats are Superior!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “An Odd Trio.”

The prompt was to link a cat, a bowl of soup and a beach towel.  So, here we go.
Bridge Street, Chester.jpg



Chester had a smile like the Cheshire cat.  A black and white Cheshire cat, because that’s what he was, living as he did in the county of Cheshire, in England.   Chester smiled today because he was comfortable, lying on a pile of beach towels.  The beach towel on top was particularly fluffy.  It belonged to his Carer, the lovely Samantha.

Those in the know will catch on straight away that Chester is not near a beach, so something was up.  Samantha had a plan, and Chester was having none of it.  His best bet was to sit on the towels.

Chester liked to think that the town of Chester was named after him, but the reality was that it was named Deva Victrix  (Good grief!) by the Romans in AD74.  It was founded in the reign of Vespasian, having been one of the three main army camps at the time.  (How awful!)  It was in the Roman Province of Britannia.   It was made a city and re-named much later on, by somebody sensible.

Those pesky Romans, along with the dastardly French, were always a nuisance.  Chester was one of the last cities to fall to William the Conqueror in 1066.  (Giving himself that title, speaks for itself.)

Time passed.

Now Samantha was tickling behind his ear.  That was quite nice.  She put out a finger, and he nibbled at it, there was something tasty on that.  He sat up and took an interest.  Samantha was eating from a bowl of something, soup by the look of it.  Was it nice?  She had put some on a saucer and was pouring milk onto it.  Mmmm.

Curiosity.  Chester knew that curiosity killed the cat, but that was some other cat, and that was a delightful smell wafting over.  He got up and stalked to the table, leapt onto the chair, and…

Samantha had gone and collected the pile of beach towels!

How sneaky!  What a cheek!

Chester knew though, that he had won.

He was the cat that got the cream.


Chester would like to thank Wikipedia for its assistance in this matter.


LaLa Land by Malabar Cash is an ebook  for Kindle: available on Amazon.  Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “We all know Cats are Superior!

  1. maristravels

    Not only did I smile, but I learned something as well. Feel quite smug now. All I want is someone to start up a discussion on Chester at the next dinner party and I’ll be in like Flynn with my newly gained knowledge. Loved your cat, I can see him, almost hear him purring.


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