Say It With Flowers…

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Secret Admirers.

It happened, at the most inauspicious time.  I returned from a holiday with one of my girl mates to find my mother in a state of joyful trepidation.

‘Look in your bedroom,’ she said.

I could hardly get in the room.  I was blinded.  My bed was taken up by a huge bouquet of bright orange gladioli.  The room was lit up in the glow!

‘Who sent them?’  I asked.

‘I couldn’t find a card,’ said Mother, who was dying to get me off her hands, as she called it.

Then the penny dropped.  I knew the sender.  It was the very amusing, but utterly unattractive to me, casual boyfriend I thought I’d got rid of.  The irrepressible Neddy.

I am not one to have things hanging over my head.  ‘Out damned spot!  That’s my motto.  So when Neddy called to ask when he could take me out, I said – ‘Call for me tonight.’

How would I tell him?  What could I say?  How would I break the news that his sell-by date had passed?

We walked round the block, as I demanded.  We talked and I waited for the right moment, but he beat me to it.

‘I want us to be together.’ He clasped me and gazed into my eyes.

‘You mean…’  I gulped.  ‘You want to marry me?’

‘No,’ he said.  ‘But I thought we might move in together.’

I was a very moral Miss in those days, and the shock hit me like a blunderbuss.  Then I laughed, and he laughed and we hung on to each other, laughing like drains.

Somehow I conveyed that the party was over.  We separated, and remained good friends for quite a long time.

He went back to his old girlfriend, and they married.  (The irony wasn’t lost on me!)

As far as I know, they lived happily ever after.


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2 thoughts on “Say It With Flowers…

  1. maristravels

    But did you ask if he’d sent the flowers? Maybe they came from someone else entirely and you’ve missed something fabulous happening in your life?


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