Say It With Flowers…

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Secret Admirers.

It happened, at the most inauspicious time.  I returned from a holiday with one of my girl mates to find my mother in a state of joyful trepidation.

‘Look in your bedroom,’ she said.

I could hardly get in the room.  I was blinded.  My bed was taken up by a huge bouquet of bright orange gladioli.  The room was lit up in the glow!

‘Who sent them?’  I asked.

‘I couldn’t find a card,’ said Mother, who was dying to get me off her hands, as she called it.

Then the penny dropped.  I knew the sender.  It was the very amusing, but utterly unattractive to me, casual boyfriend I thought I’d got rid of.  The irrepressible Neddy.

I am not one to have things hanging over my head.  ‘Out damned spot!  That’s my motto.  So when Neddy called to ask when he could take me out, I said – ‘Call for me tonight.’

How would I tell him?  What could I say?  How would I break the news that his sell-by date had passed?

We walked round the block, as I demanded.  We talked and I waited for the right moment, but he beat me to it.

‘I want us to be together.’ He clasped me and gazed into my eyes.

‘You mean…’  I gulped.  ‘You want to marry me?’

‘No,’ he said.  ‘But I thought we might move in together.’

I was a very moral Miss in those days, and the shock hit me like a blunderbuss.  Then I laughed, and he laughed and we hung on to each other, laughing like drains.

Somehow I conveyed that the party was over.  We separated, and remained good friends for quite a long time.

He went back to his old girlfriend, and they married.  (The irony wasn’t lost on me!)

As far as I know, they lived happily ever after.


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