In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Million-Dollar Question.”

I had a ‘million dollar question’ some time ago.  It was to do with a dream, it was:  ‘Would I ever wake up?

I was wet.  To say I was cold was an understatement.  I’d been walking for some time, and with every passing moment I went deeper into panic.

I had a problem in this foreign land where I didn’t know the language.  How would I say:  ‘I’m lost, and I don’t know where I live?’  They’d think I have dementia, and some-one would call the police and I’d find myself in a hospital ward, and not a soul would believe that I am fine.

I was fine this morning and this evening at dinner.  I was fine in this alien landscape visiting friends, until I had elected to go for a walk and have a little time to myself.

How easy it was!  ‘I’ll be OK,’ I’d told my friends, and they were happy for me to go.  They could relax and be themselves for a while. They could fall in a heap.  I needed time to myself to think about the past I had lost, and time if I wished to shed a tear.

There was no time for that now!

It had started so well.  They had given instructions.  ‘Follow that row of  houses, turn right at the bottom and right again by the church, and then take a longer edge and turn right again at the bottom to finish the square.’  Except that I’d gone wrong, and that’s where it all went to pot.  I saw a bus marked 5.  I had seen one from the window of my friends’ home, so with salvation at hand, I hailed it and got on.

I watched out the window. Once I saw the house again I’d get off the bus at the next stop and walk back.  Soon I realised it must be going the other way.  So I pressed the bell.  I was ready to cross the road and find the return bus stop – but now it was a one way street and I had to find another way.  I was hot now, sweating – and then I woke up!

I was home, in my usual bed, in my native land.  I know a million dollar moment when I see one.

What?  ‘To blog, or not to blog,’ was that the question? Have I wasted my time? ……….?

In that case let me blog about my book, an unashamed bid for fame and fortune!  At midnight on Monday, ninth of November I will hear if LaLa Land by Malabar Cash has attracted enough votes to win a publishing contract with Amazon Scout.  It’s a Million Dollar Question. It hangs by a thread.

You could click on the url                          and then read four chapters of my racy thriller, and if you wish, vote for it to be published.

If at midnight I get the good news, you will have granted me my own Million Dollar Moment.

Watch this space.

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