George Orwell, Oceania and 1984

George Orwell and 1984?  What was the matter with the man.  We’ve been there, done that, and it simply didn’t happen.  He even called his world Oceania, and that sounds rather wonderful to me.  Big fish, little fish, colourful little fishlets roaming round in shoals looking twee.

Then there’s the hero, Winston.  Now I was told that Winston Churchill was famous because he was the only white man in England ever called Winston, so I’m assuming Winston is black.  From what I’ve read, Winston has a nasty time of it.  He falls in love, conducts his affair above a shop, and is caught ‘in flagrante’, and ‘tortured’ with rats.  Now I like rats, that wouldn’t bother me at all, but a box of spiders would grab my attention.

Some of Oceania’s rules were awful.  ‘Thinking of sex was banned.’  Now that is taking liberties!  They say men think of sex every three and a half minutes.  How are you going to keep up with that?

I know how I would get arrested, and it would be watching the hunks on Strictly Come Dancing.  Not Gleb the Russian, he’s too pretty, but maybe Georgio the Italian.  I don’t like beards at all, but I’d make an exception for him!  That’s if the surveillance mob don’t come crashing through my front door, having twigged that I have Googled ‘How long does it take for a body to decompose?’  And:  ‘How does one make Crack Cocaine? ‘

I write books, for goodness sake, and I need to know this stuff.  I researched both for LaLa Land, (soon to be available in bookshops and the web.)  So I know what I’m talking about.

Would I succumb in Room 101, and grass on some-one else to save my skin?  Oh, I should think so.  I’m doing just that for a character in the sequel.


LaLa Land by Malabar Cash is an ebook  for Kindle: available on Amazon.  Enjoy!

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